Monday, 23 November 2009

Von Watch: Apollon-Apep 2-0.Marching on

Good Evening Mr Von and congrats for yet another victory. It seems you actually delivered what you promised this time! Max points in 4 games. Not exactly in style this time, as we had a really shit first half. Von started with Chvalovsky, Kristis, Merkis, Neva, Lopes, Quinteros, Duro, Avraam, Nunez, Atorno and Sangoy. The team couldn't create anything dangerous for the Apep keeper other than a shot from Avraam that hit the post. Surprisingly enough, the Von subs after half time for once turned the game. Matusovic was introduced in the place of Kristis. Avraam became a left back again, Lopes went to the right and Matusovic on the left wing. At the moment I must say I branded this sub as daft as I didn't want to see Avraam wasted as a left back again. What I didn't see coming though was a fine display of football by Miroslav Matusovic who also scored the opener. The Czech midfielder was lively and influenced his teammates to raise their performance levels. I think he was fairly named man of the match by the media.

Gaston Sangoy sealed the victory with another beautiful chip over the hapless Apep keeper. Pure class from the Argentine striker who is on fire lately and might well send us all to raptures if he can keep this form and score in the team's next game. Fuckin' come on!!!

16 minutes from full time Mr Von decided to bring Bangura in who was excellent and had a shot stopped by the post. You know I promised to publish another Von picture if Bangura didn't start!!

Happy Days Mr Von, Happy Days

3 Apollon shots in total hit the post as Duro was also unlucky on the 60th minute. I hope we get better luck in the forthcoming games because we will need it Mr Von. 2 derby games in a row. Let's see what you can do. I have never seen you win a big match though Mr Von and I'm worried..really worried!I only hope Gaston can pull a few rabbits off the hat..

Till next week Von!


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