Friday, 20 May 2011


Jack Black in THE line from the epic Tropic Thunder. If you saw the movie you will understand.


-She was voted vice miss Switzerland for 2006. VICE???
-In May 2009 she has been elected as the Best Bikini Body by the magazine Schweizer Illustrierte.
-Looks to kill and the brains to go with it: She graduated in 2010 after having achieved a 3-year Bachelor Degree in economics. She speaks five languages (Italian, Russian, German, French and English).

Anyhow she's got Russian roots. Don't forget to click the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy.


Good day bitches,

Now that I got your attention we are going to talk about Tv and Internet in the stupidly expensive Cyprus.

As an avid football fan I want to be able to watch every game. I mean I want my Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Serie A, the odd Greek Super League game and the colorful South American games.
What about the Cypriot "derbys"? They are a joke but we grew up supporting the local teams so what the heck. So get me the Cypriot channels as well...

You all know how much a TV Package subscription costs. A LOT. Cyprus? Ridiculous.

Just a quick check for Cyprus. I included links to their websites to see for yourselves. Some of them have step by step wizards to customize your package.


Nova Cyprus
59.00 a month for the full package.

56.50+1.50 (equipment fee)=58 for the full package. (you save 1 euro!!!!)

In collaboration with LTV again... It's 69.90 a month including the 2mbps internet connection.
You can also see their new prices here

In collaboration with Nova this time... It's 82.17 a month including a 2mbs internet connection

There is always the easy solution of card sharing. But there is a catch.
You must first have an internet connection in able to do that. So you have to research and find the cheapest internet subscription possible and when added up to the card sharing connection fee you get good value for your money.


Cablenet: €23.90 for 1mbps. Source

Internet+Telephony (4mbps) €39.90. Source. I called them to ask for an exclusively internet package but there isn't one.

This is a creation of the geniuses at Cyta. The total price is calculated by the Land line rent fee + DSL Access fee + Netrunner fee= 16.02+6,90+8,60= 31,52 for a 512kbps connection. Source1 . Source 2.

MTN (ex OTENET Cyprus):
I also had to call them. 4mbps is €33.00. 8mbps is €45.00

Bottom line

If you just want to watch your football and surf the net casually and most importantly save yourself some money pick the cheapest internet subscription and get someone to install a Satelite Box for you along with a card sharing option.

Card sharing providers are of course illegal but easy to find by asking around.
Prices vary but it is usually in the range of 15-20 euros a month which is still a lot for a dodgy signal that often freezes plus it depends on the stability of your internet connection.

There is the option of setting up your own Box by getting keys from the internet which is a lot cheaper and I am exploring this prospect as we speak. I'll let you know if it works.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Enjoy gentlemen.
I think 21 pictures is enough...

There's even a video of Monika and me at a photoshoot. Enjoy.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Good afternoon homies. Today we are going to talk about the art (my art) of getting the right pair of sunglasses at the right price.

There are 5 steps in doing that.
1. Determine if you are going classic or going trendy. Or maybe you've seen someone somewhere and said I NEED THAT TOO.
2. Go to a shop, try it on to see if it looks good on you.
3. Have a look at the price tag.
4. Do a research on the internet to get a better price.
5. Make the purchase.

So let's start.
1. I am more of a vintage guy so I usually go for the metal framed sunglasses. This is easy because if you take a look at the different brands they all make Aviator sunglasses or something close to it. The most popular are the Ray-Bans with a good mix of quality and price.

If you decide you are going trendy you can have a look at what famous people wear these days and decide what's gonna look good on you. Let's face it you secretly love this shit too and want to look as good dickhead as the pop stars and actors out there.

Last but not least you are obsessed with something you saw and need a pair of THAT.
Google it and you shall find...

Brad Pitt's Oliver Peoples OP-523.

2. Go to the nearest shop depending on which brand you are going for.
Let's say you are going for a Wayfarer model. It was major trend last year so I said to myself I had to give it a try... To my despair I looked ridiculous and I decided to go for another model.

Jack loving the Wayfarer.

3. Is the price right for the specific model? Sometimes it is. For example brands like Carrera and Ray-Ban are in the range of 80-120 euros which is fair.
But if you want to treat yourself to a pair of Tom Ford's for example you have to pay over the odds. On top of that shops usually have outrageous prices for the Haute Couture brands because many idiots think its a must to own a pair.

440USD for this?!!!!

4. If you are at the shop get that pair of sunglasses you like and have a look at the serial number inside.

Type it on your mobile phone.
Then go home and google it. I bet you are going to find it at a better price.

5. Confirm that the website is legit and go ahead. Buy it.

one happy customer