Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Cypriot Headline Of The Day: Ancelotti thinks Ancelotti is experienced

Here we go again

This time it was The magic of Cyprus media

Added Bonus: Mancini vs Ancelotti head-to-head

Describe Ancelotti in one adjective

Mancini Calm
Ancelotti Tough

Describe Mancini in one adjective

Ancelotti Creative

Who was more talented?

Mancini Me
Ancelotti Him

Who was more charismatic?

Mancini Both
Ancelotti Both

Who worked harder?

Ancelotti Me
Mancini Him

Who pulled more women as a player?

Ancelotti: Him
Mancini I don’t think Ancelotti pulled any . . .

And now?

Ancelotti Still him
Mancini He still doesn’t pull any. . .

To how many women have you said “I love you”?

Mancini A few . . .
Ancelotti One

The greatest player you’ve ever seen?

Ancelotti Maradona
Mancini Cerezo

Who’s your master?

Ancelotti Sacchi
Mancini Eriksson

Who’s your heir apparent?

Mancini My son
Ancelotti Mancini

Have you ever smoked a joint?

Ancelotti No
Mancini Yes

Left or right?

Ancelotti Right
Mancini Centre

What’s the most important quality a manager needs to succeed?

Ancelotti Balance
Mancini Luck

Name something you always wanted to do but never did?

Mancini Play for Real Madrid
Ancelotti Beat up a journalist

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ancelotti A football fan
Mancini I hope I never grow up . . .