Thursday, 12 March 2009


18:00 cet
Hamburger SV vs Galatasaray
ARD Das Erste , LTV Sports 1
CSKA Moscow vs Shakhtar Donetsk

Dinamo Kiev vs Metalist Kharkiv

20:15 cet

Paris S.G. vs Sporting Clube de Braga
C+ Sport France

20:30 cet
Werder Bremen vs Saint-Etienne ZDF , LTV Sports 1
Udinese vs Zenit St. Petersburg
Sky Calcio 1 , LTV Sports 2

20:45 cet

Manchester City vs Aalborg BK
Alfa TV Cyprus
Olympique Marseille vs Ajax Amsterdam M6



Wednesday, 11 March 2009


20:45 cet
FC Barcelona vs Olympique Lyonnais
Novasports 2 , ART Sport 5 , Sigma Sports1

FC Porto vs Atletico Madrid

Novasports 4 , ART Sport 6

Manchester United vs Inter

ART Sport 4 , Sigma, NET

AS Roma vs Arsenal

Novasports 1 , ART Sport 3 , Sigma Sports 2

21:00 cet
Fulham vs Blackburn Rovers


Το αυγο εκανε την παπια-την παπια-την παπια,
το αυγο εκανε την παπια κι η παπια το αυγο !

Ολους τους αγαπάει, και σπάει, και σπάει
Ολούς τους αγαπάει, ο Αλφρεντ το παπί !!!!

Αφιερωμένο στους ΑΛ.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009


20:45 cet UEFA Champions League

B. Munchen vs Sporting
Novasports 4 , ART Sport 5 , Sky Calcio 3

Juventus vs Chelsea

Novasports 3, ART Sport 3 , Sky Calcio 1, Sigma Sports 2

Liverpool vs Real Madrid
Novasports 2, ART Sport 4 , Sky Calcio 2

Panathinaikos vs Villarreal

Novasports 1 , ART Sport 6 Sky Calcio 4 , Sigma Sports1



I saw the movie Watchmen last night and I must tell you that I wasn’t disappointed.

The story begins with the murder of a member of the group of “Watchmen”. The Watchmen were some kind of masked vigilantes that were protecting the streets and helping America win wars and stuff but slowly their reputation faded and were no longer needed by the government.
The murder alerts the Watchmen who try to regroup and set out to find who the killer is. The story evolves and our heroes find themselves in a race against time to save the world.

This movie is no fairy tale. You will see people getting shot, arms chopped off, arm breaking, leg braking, skull opening, bodies burnt, eaten, disintegrated and splattered all over the place. Add rape and shooting dead a pregnant woman to that and you get the picture.

There were a few graphic sex scenes that were a welcome surprise for me. Malin Akerman steals the show with her tight body and long legs. I certainly googled her when I got back home…

Special Effects:
By far the most impressive movie I have ever seen in terms of CGI. The scenery, the explosions, Dr Manhattan’s Character and the way action scenes are made are maybe the most expensive and complicated to date.

Some of them were a bit too much for me. If you are not a fan of the original Comic Book there is no need to worry. The movie spends a lot of time introducing each character and explaining their past. Nevertheless I couldn’t relate to any of them really and I found some of the dialogues long and cheesy.

A cinematic experience for those who love Science Fiction/Comic Book stories with the use of the latest 3D Computer Graphics.
If you didn’t enjoy movies such as X-Men, Spiderman, Sin City do not bother. This movie is not for you.

Malin Akerman is not the only super hero babe we are looking forward to see this year.
Check out the rest of them HERE.


Monday, 9 March 2009


Ronaldo, who defied predictions that he would have to end his career after the injury 13 months ago, later told a news conference:
"It was a big fright, it was a rather irresponsible attitude because the fence wasn't so strong after all. But you don't think at the time, you just want to celebrate with the fans.

"It's always emotional to bounce back.

"I can't explain what I felt but I certainly thought about .... all the difficult moments I've had in this recovery."

"This is just the beginning. There's still some way to go .... I need to lose a bit of weight and gain some speed and mobility."

Palmeiras coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo was unimpressed and criticised the referee:

"I think he wanted Ronaldo to score a goal," said the former Brazil and Real Madrid coach.

"He kept awarding free kicks near our penalty area. I think the referee was affected psychologically (by Ronaldo's presence).