Monday, 9 March 2009


Ronaldo, who defied predictions that he would have to end his career after the injury 13 months ago, later told a news conference:
"It was a big fright, it was a rather irresponsible attitude because the fence wasn't so strong after all. But you don't think at the time, you just want to celebrate with the fans.

"It's always emotional to bounce back.

"I can't explain what I felt but I certainly thought about .... all the difficult moments I've had in this recovery."

"This is just the beginning. There's still some way to go .... I need to lose a bit of weight and gain some speed and mobility."

Palmeiras coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo was unimpressed and criticised the referee:

"I think he wanted Ronaldo to score a goal," said the former Brazil and Real Madrid coach.

"He kept awarding free kicks near our penalty area. I think the referee was affected psychologically (by Ronaldo's presence).

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