Sunday, 19 June 2011


Today we are going to talk about Frappe, the "traditional" Greek instant iced coffee. There are many folk stories about the origins of Frappe (I'm not buying the Wiki b.s) but we are just focusing on how to make one.
For me it's an enjoyable cold drink that you can have especially in the warmer months of the year but Greeks would argue that they have Frappes all year long.

Coffee , preferably Nestle's Nescafe

Sugar - optional
Milk - optional. In case you want milk, you can either use evaporated milk ("NOUNOU" that comes in mini portions is the obvious Greek choice) or Fresh Milk (Cypriot choice).

Ice cubes

Mixing Tools:
There are 2 common types of mixers that people use to make their Frappes, a hand mixer (with a power cord or battery operated) and a type of mixer machine sitting on a base.

Personally I prefer a hand mixer because you are more flexible with the different kinds of glasses you are using. Taller glasses for the hardcore frappe lover cannot be used with a base mixer. The metal rod just cannot reach the bottom of the glass for it to mix the ingredients.
Warning: If you are thinking of purchasing a hand mixer do not confuse it with a frother. A frother looks like this.

See the difference in the tip of the machine? This cannot do the trick fellas.

-Take an empty glass and add 1 good teaspoon of coffee in it. Then pour water on top just to cover the coffee.
-Take your mixer and start mixing the water with the coffee for a few seconds until the mixture becomes like a light brown foam. Take your glass and have a look at the bottom. If you see any coffee traces just mix it a bit more until it all becomes foamy.
-Add 3-4 ice cubes on top of the mixture. (Depending on the size of the ice cubes you can use less or more)
-Simply pour cold water to fill up the glass and you are finished!

Your frappe is served with a straw and should look like this:

If you want sugar with your coffee you should put it along with the coffee before you mix.
And say if you want milk you should pour the milk along with the cold water in the end.

-Too much water at the beginning leads to more foam when mixed and leaves no room for the water. Try to juuust cover the teaspoon of coffee with the water.
-Frappe is too bitter or too weak. This is all about personal taste and experience. A medium sized glass would require only one teaspoon of coffee and no less. A bigger glass could take up to 2 teaspoons.
-You are wondering: Why am I chewing chunks of coffee? Try to mix the coffee to perfection in able to avoid this nasty feeling.