Saturday, 7 November 2009

83 xronia APOEL!!?!!WTF!!!

Yes people!!, also known as, etc celebrates today for the 83 years since the dirtiest club on earth was established. That's the spirit!!We celebrate for the other clubs only when they become 50 or 100 years old but for the Great Apoel we celebrate every single fuckin year.
So let's get in the mood and wish Apoel to crush and burn.

We wholeheartedly wish Apoel to lose all their remaining cl games and to never reach the age of 84.



Cypriot Headline of the Day: Reinkart: Panathinaikos our first worry

Aaahh here we go again. 24sports works wonders. After Steven Gerralnd, it's Frank Rijkaard's turn to be renamed to Reinkart. This is getting seriously embarrassing people. Please don't sort it out though cause it's fun!

The return of the female sports reporter!


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Friday, 6 November 2009

Christian Legend Vieri:Calciopoli a Cartons' creation

Christian Vieri claims the Calciopoli was constructed by Massimo Moratti to damage Juve,Milan and Lazio. The once flamboyant forward points out that the Inter players signed "Omerta" contracts and their phones were under surveillance to keep Moratti's and Telecom Italia plan secret.

Well played my son, expose the Cartons


Ban all hoodies:Another brilliant idea from the notorious Cypriot police force

Yes!!That's right!!Cyprus police wants to make hoodies, face paint and other shit that fans may use to disguise themselves, illegal in football stadiums. Talk about dictatorship here Mr Papageorgiou

This brilliant idea belongs to this man who is currently the chief of Cypriot police!! And it's not just an idea, it's a proposition towards the island's parliament. Ok, Mr Papageorgiou. We will never wear hoods again in stadiums. In fact, we will throw away all our hoodies, scarfs and other clothes that may be used for covering our faces. I would also suggest a common uniform for all fans, nice and numbered so our brilliant cops can see from distance which number threw the brick on the linesman's head.

What the fuck are people thinking in this country. Just admit your incompetence man and stop torturing your little head with stupid ideas. Ban the hoodies!! I just can't believe how stupid a pig can be...



Scene taken from the movie Goldfinger (1964) starring Sean Connery as James Bond.

Skip at the 1:04 mark

James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.

QUIZ: Can you remember who else delivered the same line in a spy spoof comedy?

HINT: Groovy

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

God of War III PlayStation 3 Gameplay - Demo

Bat, if you are reading this I would like to inform you that some people have been surprised with download vouchers for the God of War III E3 demo. So we'd advise anyone with a PlayStation Network account and a PS3 to dig through their inboxes and spam filters for a chance at some playable Kratos.

The next earliest method is to buy the God of War Collection and redeem the included voucher code. Another way is to either buy the District 9 Blu-ray disc, or buy the recently announced God of War Ultimate Edition if you are that much of a hardcore fan.



Gerrard Pique and Cesc Fabregas...more than teammates



But is this the biggest manlove in world football?

Click here for the Terry-Lampard photostory.


18:30 cet

Rubin Kazan vs FC Barcelona

20:45 cet

Arsenal vs AZ
Fiorentina vs Debrecen
Olympique Lyonnais vs Liverpool
Dinamo Kiev vs Inter

Sevilla vs VfB Stuttgart

Unirea Urziceni vs Rangers

Standard Liege vs Olympiakos




First try...

thanx everyone for the understanding...

Happy birthday to one of the crew lads, happy birthday mavros...

and for today, parmas links list:

Adriano scores:

and a teaser:


Von Heesen watch: AEP-Apollon 1-2

Well hello there Mr Von and have a nice week. You did it yesterday...well played. An away win for Apollon FC against AEP and it seems that your war crimes in the 2 derby games are forgotten..the team is back on track. For how long though?Until the next serious opponent I say. Prove me wrong If you can Mr Von.

Before the start of the game the news struck me like thunderbolt. Masmanidis was left to watch the game from the stands. WHAT?! I say. Impossible! How can The Great Ioannis Masmanidis, who was the surprise inclusion in the starting lineup against Omonia, our secret weapon of mass destruction, not be good enough for the Paphos game??. Maybe because he was a complete imbassile against Omonia Mr Von and your inspiration was a shitty one? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot Mr Von.

Anyways, it was the right and sensible thing to do. Now please make sure it stays like this Mr Von, I don't wanna see Masmanidis ever again in my life. Additionally, the Vonster saw sense in playing Avraam as a winger. Hallelujah!

Anyhow, Mr Von had to do something to piss me off. He wanted to. So he reinstalled Merkis in the starting eleven. Yeap, the same Merkis we all know and are disgusted with. The one that hasn't played a single minute in this year's campaign. I thought we had established he was useless Mr Von. Why are you doing this? Why not Sfakianakis, Sales etc. Well, at least he used Theophilou as a right back. The ex-captain's presence gave the team some much needed freshness, that's for sure. Please use him more Mr Von we need players like him. Passion, remember?

Another major talking point is Bangura. Why did you drop him Mr Von? Again? And this time you didn't even use him as a sub. No, you went for Atorno instead. Who failed to impress me or anyone else. Again. Please Mr Von, start with Mustapha fuckin Bangura and stop pissing me off or I will publish more disgracefully stupid photos of yours.

Hahaha beware Mr Von! There is more where this came from!

The game itself was a bit of a snorefest. The weather was shit, the pitch was shit and so was Paphos. I didn't expect us to play sexy football as Peter Theo used to say, but I have to admit I did expect more from what I saw. Coming to think of it, If that penalty wasn't gifted to us by the ref (Sorry Andreas, you dived) the game could get tougher. I didn't like Agogo's contribution to the game yet again. I was pleased with Nunez who was trying hard and Kristis had passion. Avraam was finally playing in his position. Perhaps that's why the blond wonderkid from Aradippou was our best performer yet again (Thank you my son, please keep it up).

Next game against Doxa at Tsirio on Sunday. Please note Mr Von that the fans are waiting for free flowing football and a full attacking display. I want Sangoy upfront, I want Bangura in the starting lineup and I want Avraam as a winger. No excuses this time. We want a demolition!

Remember Mr Von...the fans are watching you..

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009


FC Bayern München vs FC Girondins de Bordeaux

Maccabi Haifa FC vs Juventus

Manchester United FC vs PFC CSKA Moskva

Beşiktaş JK vs VfL Wolfsburg

AC Milan vs Real Madrid CF

Olympique de Marseille vs FC Zürich

APOEL FC vs FC Porto

Atlético de Madrid vs Chelsea FC

All games begin at 20:45 CET.


Monday, 2 November 2009

Cypriot Headline of the Day: Liverpool are without Gerralnd

Today's Cypriot headline of the day comes from

After clicking on the link, you can get a further analysis on the Gerralnd issue. The so-called journalist, most probably a woman, also refers to the Liverpool captain as Gerrarlnd.