Monday, 23 November 2009

Spurs on a rampage but fail to beat Man Utd's record

Tottenham Hotspurs destroyed Wigan 9-1 yesterday afternoon. A lethal Jermaine Defoe and some truly horrible defending by Wigan resulted in one of the biggest wins in the Premier League. However all you Spurs fans out there, it wasn't a Premiership record-breaking result as Man Utd had thrashed Ipswich 9-0 back in March 1995. Andy Cole like Defoe now had scored 5 goals (So that wasn't a record either), Mark Hughes with a brace, Paul Ince and Roy Keane also made the scoresheet.

Andy, Andy Cole. What a Goal What a Goal



  1. Is this a joke? We scored 9 goals and Andy Cole grabs the headlines?

    Alan Shearer got five in a game as well but I don't see it mentioned anywhere.

    This is bullshit. Another unofficial Man U blog...

    HEEEYY !! Where is the Spurs goals video?

  2. Glory Glory Man Utd re!