Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Von Watch: Achna-Apollon 0-1. The power of public demand

Hello out there to all you Von Watchers! I have to admit I didn't plan on Von watching this week. I didn't feel like it. Mostly because Bangura was unavailable for selection and I wouldn't get the chance to publish yet another Von stupid photo. However, Von Watchers were having none of it and after I was severely booed via text messaging for my decision I decided to recall.

My God Mr Von! After the last 3 games I think you should change your name to Von Win. 3 in a row! This reminds me of a spell we had last season when for 4 or 5 games we became Barca and scored 5 goals each game against Alki, Atromitos and some other strugglers. And then we played Apoel. Enough said, we all know the ending. 3 points and 100 GBP of my personal savings down the drain. Man was I fuckin pissed with you at the moment Mr Von. It was the day I realised we would be fuckin trounced on every single derby game with you at the helm.

The game itself was very similar to the last one against Doxa. We started the game with Chvalovsky (thank you Czech giant), Kristis, Merkis, Neva,Lopes, Oseni, Quinteros (Well played Daniel), Atorno (some improvement), Avraam (Thank you my son), Sangoy and Agogo. We had a good first half and managed to take the lead after 12 minutes. Daniel Quinteros who had a very good game (at last!) found Avraam in the box with a beautiful 30-yard pass. Andreas controlled the ball nicely and kept his composure to put the ball past the helpless Achna keeper.

Although we took the lead early we failed to convert again and secure the game. That's the reason we came close to dropping points at the end of the game. Luckily, Giant Ales saved us again. Now Mr Von I wouldn't expect the team to play attractive football on that kind of a pitch. In fact nobody should be allowed to play on that surface. It was a mixture of red soil and pig shit. This is Achna, the Heart of Europe. Nevertheless, I expect the team to maintain a level of performance throughout the game. It seems that the team gets tired in the second half and I'm worried about their condition Mr Von. What happened in Platres Mr Von?
Anyway you fucked up in the condition department, can you at least make the team be a bit more serious?Let's score a second goal against Achna Mr Von! There's no need to get a heart attack every time when the game nears the end.

In any case, I wasn't gonna expose you today Mr Von. You won, the team played fairly well. Why?WHY?Why do you have to remind me that Masmanidis still exists. Leave the monkey out of the pitch Mr Von. Sorry, you had it coming

I think there's a bird nest on your head Mr Von!Muahahaha

Till next week Vonster


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