Friday, 20 November 2009


Thierry Henry's handball sent France to the World Cup. And in one of history's most clear fouls the ref did Michelle Platini a favor by allowing the goal.

But looking closely at the incident some might say that the ref and the linesman were extremely unlucky because their view was blocked. Video evidence anyone?

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Try telling that to the Irish who are still fuming at the ridiculous decision that left them out of 2010 World Cup. They even demanded a replay.

Shay Given branded Henry a cheat:

"He [Henry] cheated to win the game. I don't often say that, but that's how it was. He clearly cheated and they won the game from that."

Dumien Duff said the incident had Diego's signature all over it

"The whole world has seen what happened, every man and his dog."I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, it's just a joke. The lads are devastated."It's reminiscent of [Diego] Maradona in '86. We feel so cheated."

Ireland nobody Sean St Ledger believes Thierry Henry is big fat liar.

"When he retires, everyone will remember Thierry Henry - or maybe they will remember Thierry Henry for that now. "Apparently he said at the time that it just hit his hand, but I can't believe that for one minute. "If you see the replay, you see his eyes looking at the ball and you see his hand go up."

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