Thursday, 22 October 2009


The ex-Argentina international received a distinction at Belo Horizonte with the title of Honorary Citizen. He spent three seasons at Cruzeiro where he is a total idol. At the 4th of November there will be his goodbye in a friendly game between the Brazilian club and Argentinos Juniors.

Juan Pablo Sorin
, who at the moment works at Cruzeiro, was declared “Citizen of honor” of Belo Horizonte, the third largest city of Brazil. Sorin is one of the biggest idols of the Brazilian club and in a ceremony that was carried out yesterday in a special session of the municipal Council, he was paid tribute before the presence of the main leaders of the club.

It is a double honor. For an Argentine to receive a tribute here and to be wanted is a reason for much emotion”, maintained "Juampi" according to an official statement published in the Cruzeiro official site. The distinction was granted to him two weeks before the friendly match where the Brazilian will face Argentinos Juniors and which will mark Sorin's official goodbye from professional football.

Sorin is an eternal idol of Cruzeiro and now he became eternal citizen of Belo Horizonte. It is a very just tribute. He is a man who rolled the world and chose this city to live. Belo Horizonte is the passion of Sorin”, assured the president the institution of Belo Horizonte, ZezĂ© Perrella.

Gustavo Perrella, vice-president of the club added: “It symbolizes much, not only for Cruzeiro, but for Minas Gerais. After he wore the club's t-shirt for the first time, he happened to be an ambassador of the club and the state. He is a dedication example and he had a successful race”.

The Argentine was at the club in three occasions. His first arrival was in the year 2000 and two years later he was transferred at Lazio. After his passage by Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain, he made his return in the year 2004 and once again he was transferred: first at Villareal and soon at Hamburg. But in 2008 he returned to the institution of Minas Gerais to become an idol.

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Sorin ilustre: Original article published in Argentine paper Ole and translated from Spanish


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