Thursday, 24 September 2009


Vasilis Torosidis was the hero of the AEK-Olympiakos derby at OAKA. He scored both goals as Olympiakos won 2-1. His second of the night was sublime. He took the ball behind the centre of the pitch, raced past 2 defenders and chipped the ball above a hapless Saja with a dosage of "gaouromouttaros" I might say.

Dusan Bajevic's disbelief that Toro is capable of producing such magic says it all. Even his teammates Zairi and Diogo were left in amazement. They wished they were the ones to score that goal.
I bet all the haters out there (and I could name a few) are now lifting "Toro" to legendary status.

Anyhow this has to be one of the best goals ever scored in Greek Football history. Enjoy.

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