Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I just downloaded the PES 2010 demo and had a few games.

There are 6 teams in the demo.
Club Teams : Barcelona, Liverpool
National Teams: Germany, Italy, Spain and France

The pitch looks amazing. You can make out the different patches and shades of green.
The player faces look more realistic. Also the movement feels more natural on goal celebrations.
There are 2 stadiums. Liverpool's Anfield and the fictional Ville Marie stadium. People on the stands are decent looking. Previous PES versions suffered from lag when the ball was close to the spectators but now this seems solved.

There were rumors of the game being slower but I can assure you that it felt even quicker. The ball runs downs the pitch smoothly and the players are racing up and down not looking heavy.

I didn't find scoring being that hard . It's your usual one-on-one situation where you have to beat the keeper. So shooting at the right time did the trick. There was however a slight pause when you pulled the trigger to shoot and the ball was flying towards goal immediately afterwords. But this being the demo I understand it is going to be fixed.

This is no PES2009. So it's gonna take a while for everything to "click" and enjoy the game. The five-minute gameplay of the Demo does not help at all.

The layout is different and there are more things to tweak. I didn't bother changing anything though so I can't comment on this one.


These are the new tricks available. I couldn't do the "forward tap" where you push the ball by pressing -> twice. Instead the player steps on the ball and does a little trick.

I was impressed by the new looks. I am not so sure that the king is back gameplay-wise. At times it feels arcadey. Anyway the demo was too short for me to have a clear view and I need someone to play against with.


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