Friday, 8 July 2011

El Capitan Daniel Quinteros leaves Apollon/Blasts the team's board of Directors

Daniel Quinteros, the Captain/heart and soul of Apollon FC has decided today that he has no option but to leave the Club, disgusted with the team's Board and the financial misery they created after their antics drove Columbia, the team's largest sponsor out of the Club.

El Capitan, who has a tattoo with the date Apollon FC won the Cyprus Cup last year took a long time to take his final decision while he was back home in Argentina for holidays, as he found it hard to leave the Club due to his feelings towards the club's fans.

Dani stated in Facebook that the club's proud fans deserve men with bigger 'cojones' to lead the Club to glory.

Quinteros' Facebook post follows

Today is one of the saddest days of my sporting life, comes to an end a story of love and respect between me and all fans of Apollon, I can only say thank you for so warmly received, the colors Blue and White will always carry the in my heart, thanks to all supporters to respect these three years that were beautiful and remain forever impressed on me and my family

I appreciate all the messages I received, I feel very proud, I'm sure the love between us no one nor any of the lies they said it will break

The beauty of football is the friends that one is leaving, and fortunately left many in Limassol, would be very difficult to name them all but appoints some on behalf of all, Aldo, Panikos, Panayiotis, Savas, Socratis, Nicos, Kyriacos, Charis, Stella , Thymios, thank you very much to all

The last thing I would say is for those responsible for managing the club, never forget that Apollon is a very big club and therefore needs people that live up to these circumstances, and in my humble opinion I think none of you has enough that this beautiful club hierarchy needs

Thanks and see you soon

Thank you too Captain. You have been a true Leader for this Club. "Gentlemen" of the Board beware...the Fans are watching you

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