Wednesday, 24 February 2010


June 2004, first press conference at Chelsea

Mourinho: "Please don't call me arrogant, but I am European Champion so I do think I'm a bit special".

July 2008, Milanello

Ancelotti: "I've won two Champions Leagues although that doesn't make me special. Taking on a small club and saving it is just as important."

December 2007, before the Club World Cup

Ancelotti: "Mourinho? I don't think it's Milan that wants him, it's Mourinho that wants Milan."

May 2008, the press links the Portughese manager to Milan

Ancelotti: "Is Mourinho up for my job? We've already found someone to replace Costacurta (Filippo Galli), but if we'd known earlier, we could have found him a job. Helping the goalkeeper coach? No, he's never played football, he wouldn't be capable of shooting on goal."

July 2008, Mourinho talking at the Pinetina

Mourinho: "I think Ancelotti is forgetting that one of Milan's most legendary managers, Arrigo Sacchi, never played to any higher standard than me. And my dentist is great, even though he's never had a toothache.."

August 2008, at the start of the season

Ancelotti: "Mourinho is an unusual kind of guy, I've met him, he's nice, but he also likes having these conversations via the press, you could say he's a bit of a stirrer".

August 2008, Shevchenko goes back to Milan

Mourinho: "He was treated like a king at Milan, and that didn't happen when he moved to England. You can see he's playing better already than he did in London. There's obviously something about Milan that makes him happy. What can he do for AC Milan? I hope he scores a lot of goals in the UEFA Cup".

September 2008, a question of hospitality

Ancelotti:Mourinho has introduced a lot of different types of ball work. His techniques seem quite interesting and I'd like to know more about them."

Mourinho: "It would be a pleasure to have Ancelotti with us, but just for the day".

Ancelotti: "Mourinho is very welcome here. Just for the day? No, he can stay longer, we don't mind at all."

September 2008, Sunday post-match TV interview

Mourinho: "Some people have fun after a victory, I personally don't have time to celebrate winning."

Ancelotti speaking to Ilaria D'Amico (Sky): "You don't have to laugh to be positive."

September 2008,

Mourinho talking about his fee: "I'm on more than 14 million."

Ancelotti: "I've already said I like him, but I'm thinking of hiring him as my agent now for my next contract. Maybe he'll be able to cut me a good deal."

October 2008, talking about Ronaldinho and his nightclubbling

Ancelotti: "Did he get home late? What time? I had given him a curfew of 5am, so if he got back at 4, then that's all the better. He can do what he wants on a Sunday, I'm not his tutor. If he got home at 4am, he couldn't have been having much fun."

November 2008, Mourinho is livid with Adriano, who's not up to training.

Ancelotti: "If I ran things like Mourinho, I wouldn't have anyone at training..."

January 2008, speaking after all the brouhaha over Inter's trouncing at Bergamo

Ancelotti: "I admire Mourinho for his frankness, his ability to be straight, whereas I would try to buy time sometimes. Generally people appreciate it if you say what you think. All managers let off steam sometimes when they want to try and fire up their team a little."

12 January 2009, Inter 43, Milan 34

Mourinho: "If they think they can win all their matches, then they're right to think they can win the League: I want to win it too, and they know how it's done. It's not enough just to win all the time, they have to hope that Inter doesn't win all the time as well. In football, that's position I wouldn't like to be in: it makes things complicated for them."

2 February 2009, Inter 50, Milan 44

Mourinho: "The Rossoneri? They're playing really well, Pato, Kakà, Beckham: they're all on form, but they're still 6 points behind Inter...".


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